Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Social Networking (Twitter)

I first joined Twitter back in 2008 when it was still considered somewhat novel, and since then my track record for tweeting is only slightly better than it is for blogs: 7 tweets, and they are dull indeed.

I still don't have much to say for myself. When something occurs to me that I think might be worthy of sharing, I have the most difficult time deciding whether it's actually interesting or incredibly innocuous. Inspired by this kind of lapse in judgement, a friend of mine has written a deeply funny play called Phillipa and Will are Now in a Relationship (He's taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and if you're going up this year, I highly recommend you see it). I am more cautious when it comes to publishing my own material, but I still have uses for Twitter, and those are as a lurker, reading the posts of other organizations.


  1. I think the thing with Twitter, if you want to delurk, is to not worry about things being innocuous: just say 'em anyway!

    Unless they're libellous or might get you sacked, of course...

  2. Samantha's right. Just say it and have a go anyway. But it's also OK just to use twitter as an info gathering tool. Some people just follow lots of accounts so as to know what's going on.
    It's whatever works for you

    Rowena 23 Things team